A symbiosis is more than the sum of all its parts

An Online Marketing Project since 1996

We bring together, that belongs together for digital advertising

Paid-Search, Programmatic, Performance

Digital-Strategy, Audience Management, MarTech, AdTech

Media-Planning, Media-Buying, SEO, SEA, SMM

Creative-Direction, Art-Buying, Webdevelopment

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About symbionts

Symbionts was originally to become a fulfillment project agency. Due to a change in the law, the original concept and the underlying business plan could not be implemented.
Thus, symbionts remained in project status and the founder Robert Ressmann uses this platform as a sandbox for the development of new digital marketing and martech ideas.
Nevertheless, the basic idea of symbionts remains the same and Robert Ressmann carries it into all the media agencies in which he was and is.

"The creation of symbiotic synergies through the precise selection of colleagues or freelancers, creating the maximum added value for the customer to be more satisfied and delighting him over the moon."

What you can expect from here

As our name suggests, we create synergies from symbiotic relationships between professional and very good marketers and creatives from the areas of online branding, media planning, programmatic real time bidding (RTB), performance campaign planning, consulting, strategy, paid search (SEM / SEA), MarTech, AdTech, data protection officers, data analysts, UX / UI design, banner creation, graphic design, web development and other areas, we would like to offer you something sustainable added value for free here.
Just have a look at the tool section. You're sure to find a free online tool or generator here that will save you a lot of time or just a lot of fun. And maybe soon you'll be a part of symbionts.


On absatzmarkt.de you will find some definitions of online marketing terms and abbreviations in german language for
SEO, SEA, Paid Search, RTB, Programmatic Buying, MarTech, AdTech, Audience Management and many other digital topics.
So you can look me up there quickly if you don't understand me in German ;)